Tomorrow, when I wake, or think I do, what shall I say of today?

Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot

Prime time of your life

The life unlived, the life unexperienced, the “un” life isn’t life. This life is. This life is filled with events that quicken the heart, that remind you that you are alive, alive in the prime time of your life.

“There is a crack between the two worlds, the world of the diableros and the world of living men. There is a place where these two worlds overlap. The crack is there. It opens and closes like a door in the wind.”
Carlos Castaneda, The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

The crack opens at the junction between day and night, as the red light approaches the doors to perception, to heaven and to hell open and let us slip inside, if we choose.
Arc NineOhNine,

10:49 minutes of video best viewed in 1080p60HD and appreciated with decent speakers

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Yesterday, a ride.

For all of our yesterdays; for all of us, yesterday.

Flying through the clouds the mists swirl around us, encircle us and yet too define us. Those feelings melt and yet amplify as we soar and glide, outside space and time.

Time doesn’t bind, distance doesn’t confine, space doesn’t contain; feeling creates me and you too. That feeling when we look inside our self and see our feeling, feel our seeing, are our being.

2:10 minutes of video recorded, stored and best played back in 1080p60HD

Location: Australia

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Bush Escape

Escaping the city on the last Sunday of the southern hemisphere autumn in 2019. Escaping from the traffic, the people, the concrete, the built environment, escaping to the bush; esc-ape-ing.

Comprises 29 sequences of varying lengths focussing on “correct” cornering lines, “smoothness”, entry, maintenance and exit throttle.

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Taming of the Garmin

Taming a Garmin GPS isn’t easy nor straightforward. A list of software tools which I currently use and have used in the past to help tame the beast. Inspired by a question on an Internet forum.

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Updates – May 2019 #3

Completed migration of all site artifacts to HTTPS delivery, many pages were using both HTTP and HTTPS. This completes the first major overhaul of this site since it was first built over two years ago. I’m really happy with finally getting the new Subscription section to behave itself (I found an interesting bug in the GDPR compliance component).

I note with some interest, or would that be better described as mild surprise or perhaps better too as astonishment (?), that I built my first website twenty-three years ago this year, and that was with Microsoft Notepad! Today I’m using a state of the art GUI content management system on cloud hosted systems, a far cry from a locally hosted Microsoft Internet Information Server v1.0 running on Microsoft Windows NT 3.51. How times change and while the technology has totally changed, the word is still the same, the importance of the written (now largely typed) word, that remains, and I suspect (and hope) that it always will. The idea, the concept, the thought externalised into words, that remains.

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Updates – May 2019 #2

Numerous updates at the backend of the new Subscription module and specifically new templated emails, new workflows and updates to the subscription details. Added cover art to the Subscription and Account management sections of the site.

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2019-05-05 – Farewell 13noob13 – GoR send off ride

One of our comrades, 13noob13, will shortly be returning to East Australia (AKA NZ) and in the great Netrider tradition (which I’ve just created) there will be a send off ride – ostensibly to make sure that he leaves our shores with an ingrained sense of how superior the Western Isle is by comparison to the Eastern Isle.

Confirmed destination is the Great Ocean Road (GoR), regularly voted as one of the most scenic and best driving roads in the entire world, right here on our doorstep!

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Updates – May 2019 website updates for May 2019 – major new subscription service implemented plus significant changes to the site back end to improve user responsiveness and site performance.

See the article for complete details.

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Solo tripping…

Musings inspired by a post on Netrider “Planning my 1st solo trip!”

A little excited, a little intimidated!

It’s an interesting experience being alone, being with oneself, riding alone, just the grey snake and oneself, but then, are we ever really, truly alone? That voice inside, that consciousness etching new connections in our mind, the particles of life flowing past us as we fly on our carpet of air. The “oneself” is multiples of self, of consideration, of thought, of being – observing and feeling the flow, becoming part of that flow, existing inside the flow, outside, within…

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Been doing some work on the site to streamline page presentation and implement a new registration module to reduce the spammy registrations from bots, tweaked the home, resources (new) and about pages too :).

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Got Protection – The Data

In Part One – Got protection? we learned why motorcyclists need hearing protection and some key sound related concepts, in Part Two – Plug me up we learned about the types of hearing protection available to motorcyclists, the different standards used in attenuation measurement and how to properly fit and maintain earplugs, now in this third and final part Part Three – Got Protection – The Data a detailed and comparative review of thirty-four different ear plugs.

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Plug me up

In part one “Got protection” we learned why motorcyclists need hearing protection and some key sound related concepts, now in part two we’ll cover the types of hearing protection available to motorcyclists, the different standards used in attenuation measurement and how to properly fit and maintain earplugs.

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Excuse me while I barf…

The final part of an (online) employment ad: "When people feel valued, they become more productive and satisfied, and we want you to feel inspired every day." I call BS. Since when did inspiration stem from satisfaction, it sure as hell doesn't from productivity,...

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A Forest Six minutes of footage best viewed in 1080p60HD with an audio accompaniment by The Cure's 1980 track A Forest from their album Seventeen Seconds. Location: Noojee to Poweltown

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Lake Mountain ascent Six minutes of video taken earlier this year and best viewed in 1080p60HD. Audio accompaniment by Samuel Barber's Adagio for Stringspopularised by the pivotal 1975 film Rollerball. Location: Lake Mountain

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Seaview Exploration Exploring a newly sealed road, a short video (7:22) and best viewed in 1080p60HD, audio accompaniment from Aphex Twin's Digeridoo. Location: Gippsland.

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Mitta Mitta to Glen Wills – Omeo Highway

From a recent trip to the Snowys, Four Days - the newly sealed section has bedded in nicely with scant loose gravel on the corners, a long video (41:55) and best viewed in 1080p60HD. This section includes a multitude of 30-45 km/h corners.

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Think Will you get lost in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Most people I asked don't even know what that is, but it's happening all around us right now. This system is about technological evolution...evolving us. Truthstream Media, Oct 30,...

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Four days

Away from the harsh and unnatural visual jarring of the angular concrete and steel constructs of the city, away from the creeping, constant and incessant traffic, away from the bustling multitudes of people, away from the city lights dimming the night stars, away from the tight enclosed spaces, away from the unique metropolis dirt, away from nature bent and subverted to human will – away from the ‘usual’ life. A way. A way to recharge, a way to connect with the earth, water and sky, a way to see anew with fresh, open eyes, a way to feel and hear with reinvigorated senses, a way to think, a way to explore. Reconnect away. Away in the mountains. Four days away.

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Originally published August, 2012 Eager expectation, that’s how I felt the morning of the ride. The day was overcast with the threat of hail in Melbourne that afternoon and a cool 10C forecast for part of the ride. Finding the meet point was a challenge itself, there...

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Originally published February, 2014 Wet. Wetter. Wettest. Submerged. It was going to be wet. And yes, it was and so were we. Submerged still doesn’t do it justice: it was wet all day. It started with a sinking feeling that my wets weren’t up to scratch when my elbows...

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Originally published January, 2013 One of my most favourite trips: Eildon-Jamieson or EJ as it’s now often known. The usual preflight checks complete and I set off nice and early from home for the ~60 odd minute “commute” to Yarra Glen. A rather idyllic commute as I...

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Originally published January, 2014. Saturday finally came and it was time again. Time to do the Dargo dance. Time to repeat that magnificent ride which I first did with this group last year. Heading out to the meet point I espy a yellow bike closely tailed by a black...

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The mattress…

 ...hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't. Adams, D. 1979. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. London: Pan Books.   Morning. Sunday. Long weekend. The football is over. A long trek to the meet point and the ephemeral transients are already...

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Autotune settings

I've been using Justin's software and hardware for around five years now and have found something that works for me, to extend on my previous posts on his excellent software I'm sharing some AutoTune tips: It's cold in winter here at the moment in Victoria - set your...

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Autotune for dummies

This article was originally posted on the Woolich Racing forums, Sunday 04 May, 2014 4:17 pm   AutoTune is a component of the Woolich Racing Tuned (WRT) software. It allows you to aim for a specific air fuel ratio (AFR) at various throttle/RPM combinations. Why...

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I had to go out…

You know that time? When you just have to get out for a ride? Today I decided it was time, with no idea where I was going I squeezed into my leathers, stuffed a thermal top and water bottle into my bag. At the driveway, left? Sure. Make it up as you go. Freeway?...

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So you want your bike tuned?

So you want your bike tuned? It should be easy, shouldn’t it? You nick over to your favourite dyno equipped mechanic, watch them strap down your precious then wring the living daylights out of her. There’s no sound quite like a litre bike being dyno tuned with a...

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The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.

Amelia Earhart