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One of our comrades, 13noob13, will shortly be returning to East Australia (AKA NZ) and in the great Netrider tradition (which I’ve just created) there will be a send off ride – ostensibly to make sure that he leaves our shores with an ingrained sense of how superior the Western Isle is by comparison to the Eastern Isle.

Confirmed destination is the Great Ocean Road (GoR), regularly voted as one of the most scenic and best driving roads in the entire world, right here on our doorstep!

The GoR – level 3-4

  • 712 km round trip from the Coles Express, Laverton/Altona Meadows;
  • Route: The Great Ocean Road including Port Campbell, Apollo Bay, Lorne etc.;
  • For the GoR you’ll need to commit to the entirety of  the ride as there really isn’t an option to easily leave “early”; and
  • Meet time 7:30 am for an 8:00 am sharp departure (meh, you probably get up earlier for work, and this is for FUN!), why so early? We’ve got a _lot_ of ground to cover with not as much daylight at this time of year as we’d like.

If you are unsure if you’ll be able to “go the distance” or have any questions at all, please send me a private message on Netrider, for people who I know I’m prepared to share, in confidence, the detailed route(s).

Let’s all give one of our most intrepid Netriders a great send off!


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