Sunday, 7 February 2021

Two weeks’ shy of a year ago I last ran this ride.

Granite and Gold (GG) – hard rocks and precious metals – North-West of Melbourne – level 3 ride classification

  • 400 km, 4 hrs riding time (excluding all breaks) from Whittlesea to Melbourne Airport
  • Fast, open sweepers taking in spectacular volcanic scenery, tighter “treed” sections with an awesome view and 1850s pre federation gold rush era diggings, welcome to the GG ride.
  • Route:
    • 1st leg, 116 km: Whittlesea CaltexLancefield (fuel/break)
    • 2nd leg, 104 km: Lancefield, Maldon (lunch)
    • 3rd leg, 20 km: Maldon, Castlemaine (fuel only/not a break)
    • 3rd leg, 160 km: Castlemaine, Tullamarine (break/end)
  • Meet time from 9:30 am for a 10:00 am sharp departure;
  • Route suits those with reduced fuel range, longest section is the last with 160 km between fuel stops (but here is an option for fuel on this leg);
  • There will be a photo stop somewhere with a (spectacular) view;
  • Please RSVP to confirm numbers; and
  • Please NB the ride classification (not suitable for very new/novice riders):

Level 3: Moderate Skills

  • I can accelerate quickly
  • I can filter through traffic with my feet on the foot pegs
  • I can ride with other riders and maintain even gaps between us
  • I can ride at 110km/h
  • I can emergency stop from 110km/h
  • I can exceed Speed Advisory (Yellow) signs on corners
  • I understand how to hold a line through a corner
  • I can ride and stop on gravel (@fliedlice, none planned on this route)
  • I am comfortable with waiving a rider past and being passed on a straight

Ref: Saturday | Sunday All Day Ride

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