I’ve been using Justin’s software and hardware for around five years now and have found something that works for me, to extend on my previous posts on his excellent software I’m sharing some AutoTune tips:

  • It’s cold in winter here at the moment in Victoria – set your coolant temp filter lower than usual;
  • I don’t want to tune the idle maps – filter out gear in neutral;
  • With a quickshifter I get lazy, hardly ever using the clutch on upshitfs;
  • Once you’ve run a few tuning pulls, tighten up the AFR filters – I use 11.5 to 15.5 AFR;
  • Filter by MSO/MS1;
  • On decel I want to ignore most data;
  • For minimum and maximum AFR averages I set these to correspond to my AFR filter values;
  • Percentage change starts out at 10, I drop this with each map to fine tune instead of wildly varying the changes that I get on each map, I also always set the medium map to the last full power map, juts in case I’m using the new AT map and there’s something wrong, the low power map remains at stock too; and
  • With the AT strength I start out at 100% then when I’m getting fairly close to an optimum map I drop this to 75% then on subsequent maps down to 25% then 10%.

These setting work for me, your mileage may vary though.

Happy AutoTuning!