With Premier Dan’s announcement this morning (see this thread and posts 3660985 and 3660996) I’m considering leading a ride this Saturday 16 May, 2020. In alignment with directions from the Chief Health Officer, this will be restricted to ten (10) people only (including me) who know each other (no “strangers”). The plan I’m thinking of is for a ~400km ride over four-five or so hours of actual riding time, route will be north, east then south into Gippsland and may include Seaview (!) :) Expect Netrider ride classification level 3+:

Level 3: Moderate Skills

    • I can accelerate quickly
    • I can filter through traffic with my feet on the foot pegs
    • I can ride with other riders and maintain even gaps between us
    • I can ride at 110km/h
    • I can emergency stop from 110km/h
    • I can exceed Speed Advisory (Yellow) signs on corners
    • I understand how to hold a line though a corner
    • I can ride and stop on gravel
    • I am comfortable with waiving a rider past and being passed on a straight

Level 4: Competent Rider

    • I can accelerate and brake fast
    • I can split traffic
    • I can exceed 110km/h where appropriate
    • I can generally double Speed Advisory (Yellow) signs on corners
    • I can hold an outside line in a corner
    • I can change lines through a corner
    • I can brake while cornering when appropriate
    • I am comfortable with overtaking in a straight
    • I am comfortable with being passed in a corner

Please respond here with expressions of interest, NB to ensure that in the event that contract tracing is necessary a list will be made of who attended.


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