The final part of an (online) employment ad:

“When people feel valued, they become more productive and satisfied, and we want you to feel inspired every day.”

I call BS. Since when did inspiration stem from satisfaction, it sure as hell doesn’t from productivity, that’s me making more for the “man” today than I did yesterday? Read as “we want to squeeze as much out of you as we can as often as we can and for as long as we can” but that’s from the HR idiot (one of the sources of all that’s ill in this brave new [scared] world) not the be all and end all of what the company is actually about. What I loved probably the most about this was that when I applied I, of course, had to create an “account”, sure, I’m OK with that, but when I hit submit I got a bizarre error telling me to complete all fields…but they were. Fuck that. You’ll be staffed by cretins, or are you already?

Quality. Don’t ever sell yourself for mediocrity.

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