Expressions of interest for this ride to be scheduled on Friday, 2 April 2021 (Good Friday public holiday).

  • 334 km, 4.5 hours riding from Longwarry to Poweltown (505 km/6.75h return to CBD)
  • Route:
    • 1st leg: Longwarry Caltex outbound to Korumburra 174 km/2.5h (fuel/lunch)
    • 2nd leg: Korumburra to Trafalgar – 99.2 km/1.25h (fuel/break)
    • 3rd leg: Trafalgar to Poweltown – 99.3 km/1h (ride end)
  • Meet time 10:00 am for a 10:30 am sharp departure;
  • There is 1 km of hard-packed unsealed road with a detour option reducing the route by 63 km
  • Flinders Street Station to Longwarry outbound is 86.5 km/1.25h
  • Poweltown to Flinders Street Station is 84.9 km /1h
  • Please NB the ride classification (not suitable for novice riders):

Level 4: Competent Rider

  • I can accelerate and brake fast
  • I can split traffic
  • I can exceed 110km/h where appropriate
  • I can generally double Speed Advisory (Yellow) signs on corners
  • I can hold an outside line in a corner
  • I can change lines through a corner
  • I can brake while cornering when appropriate
  • I am comfortable with overtaking in a straight
  • I am comfortable with being passed in a corner
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