Time to replace my againg Knox Handroids and many thanks to OZMC Leathers in Sydney for the speedy delivery and great price!

FTR my previous pair lasted for 2.5 years and ~76,000 road kms.

The newer Mark IV Handroids have revised a lot of the exoskeleton and added the wrist enclosure to the BOA enclosure system.

Looking at the mark 3 vs mark 4 there are a lot of design differences to the skeleton tips close to your finger ends (the retaining material is now also really soft and an extension of the skeleton rubber) and a reduction of the thumb and index finger guides. The palm sliders are also much softer. Finger tips now include an additional layer of material too.

I expect the mark IV redesign was to address issues experienced by the guides affecting integrity of the shell and potentially causing ingress to the wearer’s fingers.

In the photograph on this page, the mark IV is on the left and the older mark III on the right.