With four thousand plus KMs on these tyres from hot mid to high 20c through to a chilly 2C ambient, I have heaps and heaps of tread left but the front isn’t confidence inspiring when cold and it took quite some time to heat up, especially on very cold Tassie mornings.

Very, very wooden (concrete?) feel from the front when cold,  and the back…I was never too sure just how much grip I had so erred on the side of caution. Didn’t get much feedback either, just the occasional slip from the rear which just let go but only by a mm or two but you could feel it, very similar grip feel to the Metzler Roadtech 01SE, they hold until they don’t and you don’t get (any) warning. Reported lean angles in the low to mid 40s.

Would I buy them again?

Probably not. Once they’d got to temp they did the biz following a friend at pace but that was defo the hardest I pushed them all trip. I think I’d do Tassie again with much stickier rubber knowing that I’d have to change rears towards the end of the week/10 days. I’ve always done Tassie on touring tyres, it would be magic on super sticky rubber.

BUT all that being said, it’s perception. I’m sure they far, far surpass my skills but “feeling” is confidence and I didn’t feel confident…even on NSW logging truck roads with wicked camber and a sharp rocky surface. Sure when it pissed down in the High Country over last weekend I felt pretty happy but didn’t put much lean on at all.