Escaping the city on the last Sunday of the southern hemisphere autumn in 2019. Escaping from the traffic, the people, the concrete, the built environment, escaping to the bush; esc-ape-ing.

Comprises 29 sequences of varying lengths focussing on “correct” cornering lines, “smoothness”, entry, maintenance and exit throttle.

Extremely windy and very, very cold as the day progressed. Using the Steadman Apparent Temperature as a wind chill per and with data from the BoM Nilma North weather station viz a 3pm top temperature of 12.3C, relative humidity of 57% and assuming an average (realistic sustained) speed of 85 km/h (23.61 m/s) the apparent temperature would have been -5.64C.

28:38 minutes of video best viewed in 1080p60HD.

Location: Gippsland