Completed migration of all site artifacts to HTTPS delivery, many pages were using both HTTP and HTTPS. This completes the first major overhaul of this site since it was first built over two years ago. I’m really happy with finally getting the new Subscription section to behave itself (I found an interesting bug in the GDPR compliance component).

I note with some interest, or would that be better described as mild surprise or perhaps better too as astonishment (?), that I built my first website twenty-three years ago this year, and that was with Microsoft Notepad! Today I’m using a state of the art GUI content management system on cloud hosted systems, a far cry from a locally hosted Microsoft Internet Information Server v1.0 running on Microsoft Windows NT 3.51. How times change and while the technology has totally changed, the word is still the same, the importance of the written (now largely typed) word, that remains, and I suspect (and hope) that it always will. The idea, the concept, the thought externalised into words, that remains.